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(no subject)
I really can't stop reading fanfic. Everytime i had a free time, I just searching for a fic. omygod what to do?? I'm going crazy :((
I know I really love to read not only fic, but also comics, novels, magazines, etc. Just found out that for a month my family spent $150-$200 for books. Even our library already full and we need another bookcase at my sister, cousin, and prayer rooms (and they almost full already).
I'm scared that if I couldn't stop reading, I feel like I can't live in the real world, only in a world of fantasy, full of imagination. I didn't read facts, only fiction. That's why I'm really scared :'(
But I really love reading while listening music and drinking coffee. If I didn't drink coffee or listening music or reading, then I'm feeling empty, because those are my life. you know how it's feel like if you love something and being told to leave it for a day (for me: I'm going crazy of course).
So what should I do?